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2021/06/11 18:00


An interview project focusing on "artist activities" sent by DIGLE MAGAZINE and the all-in-one fan media "Bitfan". We'll delve into the journey and relationships with our fans, along with playlists of artist selections.

(This article is a reprint of the article published in DIGLE MAGAZINE.)

This time, Kyoto-based singer-songwriter YeYe will appear. We will deliver the second part.

■ Changes in YeYe who became a mother

-What was your musical influence when you started music?

I listened to Air Corporation, ANATAKIKOU , advantage Lucy and Belle And Sebastian. When I sing in Japanese, I feel that the Air Corporation is greatly influenced, and so is how to make the melody of ANATAKIKOU. From that point on, I became fond of Feist, and I think I was influenced by her singing style.

-What attracts you to Feist?

The voice is unique. What's more, to attract people with a deep voice, it's good not only to be good at singing, but also to play a guitar that can only be played by Feist. There was a time when I wanted to be Feist (laughs).

-I thought Rex Orange County and Kiyomaru Togo were interesting selections.

Rex Orange County first knew from DAWA's playlist, but he was making a lot of songs, but he didn't release a CD at that time. I thought that the toga style of not releasing it even though it was released for about three albums was cool, and I thought that the melody that was not influenced by the surroundings was very free.

-What about Kiyomaru Togo?

Kiyomaru also likes songs, and he once had a chance to play against the band on his tour. Since then, I've had children over there, and there aren't many musicians of this age who are parents around me, so in that sense as well, I started to keep in touch. Also, Kiyomaru was first shocked by the jacket. When I was adopting a picture standing on a cliff, I thought I loved that sense, so at first I bought a CD as a personal fan.

-I see.

Then get to know his activity. Isn't it completely different from the so-called "I want to do music, then send it to a record company" to put out my own CD from a company that works as a full-time employee? The situation is completely different, but I also hired staff myself and came relatively freely.

-You felt that you could communicate both in terms of activities and life.

It takes energy to do something different from those around you. I think it's cool to buy it by myself, and I feel sympathy and respect it.

-You mentioned a child, but is the birth a big change in your activities?

The childbirth was huge. Physically, at that time, I got hungry and hurt, and since it was my first childbirth, I was so scared that I couldn't go to the studio or go to live concerts all over the country like I used to. I thought about it diligently, and for the first two years I was thinking of mainly enjoying child-rearing, but that limited self was painful after all. So I really wanted to make a song there.

-You recognized yourself as you were looking for music.

The members also said, "I was relieved to think that Nacchan was a musician." Until then, I didn't really like making songs, I liked live performances. As it is now, I'm the best at singing. So, the first thing that makes me want to write a song is that I wouldn't have had a child. I went to a nursery school in June of this year, and I've had my own time for the first time in a couple of years, and I'm really grateful for this time.

-Are YeYe as a mother and YeYe as a musician separated within you?

It's divided, it's divided, and it's connected to the ground. However, I don't want my child to be worth living. I will continue to provide maximum support for each life and what is required of my child as a parent, but I want my son to live his life and show that he is enjoying his life for that purpose.

■ The feeling of "not licking" is rekindling

-The album title is "Hito", and the new "30" also has a song called "Living", but YeYe has the image of making a song that is nothing in life.

When there were many songs sung in English, the lyrics weren't very important, and I enjoyed making sounds and melodies. So "I'm sick" was a song I made when I lived in Melbourne, but it was embarrassing at first.

-Is it embarrassing?

This song contains my own values and emotions, so I thought it was embarrassing to expose myself so much. But the director of "Parasite-Semi-Underground Family" said something like "Private life is the greatest creativity." I saw that comment after the production of "30", but since I was also making "living" and "30", I was already thinking "put it all out". Until now, I had been thinking about things like "I usually live normally", but now I think I can do it all by myself, I can do it all with YeYe, and I can put it all out. ing. I think the next song to be released will have more lyrics than ever before.

-What kind of music do you want to do?

Musically, that's exactly what I said at the beginning. YeYe wants to do the band as a band while doing something organic like Kings of Convenience. Also, I'm making a song for myself now, but anyway, I have time and it's fun to make a song. Recently, I often go to the movies, but I wanted to make a song on the piano, so I would like to watch the movie, write the lyrics, and make a song on the piano.

-What is the ideal beyond that?

I want to live in the place I want to live and play music surrounded by my favorite things and people. Even now. It's all influenced by Erlend Øye (laughs) ... He seems to be buying a house in Sicily, Italy now. I saw it in the story of Instagram, but the house in it was terrible. What is this square for? Like. I did such a house in the movie "Call me by your name". It's amazing to eat breakfast on the terrace. Is my ultimate ideal to live in a foreign country?

-How do you plan to connect with your fans and what kind of communication do you plan to make?

When I had a live concert in Lithuania before, I went crowdfunding and went over there. You recorded the chorus of the song you made to go to Lithuania with the voices of the people at the venue on the day, made it into a single CD, and distributed it to the Lithuanian people. I recorded it live at that time, but now everyone has an iPhone voice recorder. I also wanted to throw a chorus of phrases that anyone could sing in a different country, gather the voices of the fans, and make a song that mixes them all.

-It sounds interesting to cross the border like that.

I think it's difficult to think about the lyrics, but if you think about music alone, you can easily overcome it. I've had a live concert in Taiwan and several concerts in Lithuania and Melbourne, but I thought it didn't matter whether I sang in English or Japanese. At first, I had a feeling of inferiority and lack of self-confidence, but I think that they accept me very much and that what I can convey is transmitted.

-What kind of people do you want to deliver music to?

That's right ... When I released "Living" and "I'm sick of it," I was shocked to find someone who picked up the feelings that I had verbalized as a song. Rather than sitting in a chair at home and writing lyrics, I often look at people and landscapes when I get on a train or bus, and write what comes to my mind. I was happy that the listeners who listened to the song felt the same feeling that I received from the scenery I saw alone. I think it's common for everyone to feel uncomfortable without being able to put it into words, so I hope my song will be a hint for those people.

-Do you still have the feeling of "don't lick" that you had when you started the activity, even after 10 years?

Now, the rebellious spirit of "Licking" is recurring (laughs). At that time, I was thinking "listen to the song", but now I'm thinking "listen to the song".

-Who are you "licking"?

After all, it's myself. I want to reach the goal I envision by the time I die. It feels like you're igniting your own butt and going around all the time (laughs).

("DIGLE MAGAZINE" editorial department text: Fumiaki Amano / photo: Tomohito Goto / edition: Mai Kuno)

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