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2021/06/04 18:00


An interview project focusing on "artist activities" sent by DIGLE MAGAZINE and the all-in-one fan media "Bitfan". We'll delve into the journey and relationships with our fans, along with playlists of artist selections.

(This article is a reprint of the article published in DIGLE MAGAZINE.)

This time, Kyoto-based singer-songwriter YeYe will appear. We will deliver the first part.

We asked YeYe to create a playlist under the theme of "an artist who feels sympathy in his activity style." The soft tone of the singer-songwriter heals the ears, the moist funk of Togo Kiyomaru and CHAI's "I'm Me" stimulate the body, and the sound of the big band Broken Social Scene shakes the heart and makes it a gentle pop. I see, it's exactly 10 songs that are similar to YeYe's music. Among them, Erlend Øye is influenced by him, and he is said to be YeYe's activity model. Both are fascinated by organic sounds, both nurture music by changing the environment, and both are adventurous writers who come into contact with music.

Her career, which began with her debut work, "Opening the Morning and Closing the Night," was a gradual but changing history. At first glance, "I want to change my name and work" seems to be a drastic idea, but it seems that she is convinced of the "next 10 years" that she grasped in her 10 years of solo activities. I tried to interview her who lives in Kyoto about such an ideal vision remotely. What I got a glimpse of as I followed my career quickly was the rebellious spirit at her roots.

■ Change the name and do anything

-What kind of musicians are the 10 artists in the playlist for YeYe?

Isn't it music that simply does what you like without being bound by the system or rules?

-Is that kind of freedom that YeYe himself cherishes in his activities?

is not it.

-What do you think is freedom for musicians?

I wonder if no one will tell me. In order for music to go out into the world, it is absolutely impossible for musicians alone to do it, and it is only possible with the power of various people, but I think it is important to have a proper balance there.

-In other words, with the help of those around you, you have to shake what is in the middle of you.

I agree.

-So, is there any music in this playlist that has been particularly influenced?

There is only one person in the playlist with two songs, and the one I feel most sympathetic to is   Erlend Øye .

-One song from his solo work, and the other song from The Whitest Boy Alive.


-The T-shirt you're wearing right now is The Whitest Boy Alive, isn't it? (Lol).

That's right (laughs). I've been touring with It's a Musical , but they seem to have toured in the undercard of The Whitest Boy Alive a long time ago, and Emma wore this T-shirt and it's so cute. I thought. I also bought it online.

-What do you like about Erlend Øye's music?

Originally I really liked Kings of Convenience , and from there I started listening to The Whitest Boy Alive and started following his solo career. Erlend Øye is also a DJ who works on various projects and is doing music without being caught up in various countries. I would like to use it as a hint for my future activities.


I've been playing music under the name YeYe for 10 years, but some YeYe have some singing and some driving, and some have a big band like a band. I think it would be better to change the name like Erlend Øye and express it as a compset, one by one.

-To put it the other way around, do you feel that it hasn't been transmitted?

What I want to do is not just to play and talk, but the focus is on songs like "Yurayura" and "Life". I have something to think about. I think that the band sound with the members is good, but the reaction from the surroundings is not good and I feel itchy. Then change the name to something like Erlend Øye and do it all. As a band's ambition, I want to do something that allows me to sign contracts with overseas labels.

-Can the other side be evaluated more properly?

An engineer who is indebted to me often said, "Isn't the musicality of the YeYe band received by foreigners?", But I'm not as good as Erlend Øye, but I went to Melbourne. It's fun to try, go to Lithuania to perform live, and go to various places to play music. There was a time when I was wondering if we couldn't be evaluated as a YeYe band in Japan, or if we couldn't go to the position we were thinking of.

-Is it changing now?

Now, even if I go around various things and listen to "30" released this year, "living" is surely the most comfortable for me. Perhaps it's this organic music that I'm good at, and I've finally come to agree with my feelings. So I think it would be interesting to enjoy YeYe, which was originally required for activities in Japan, and change the name accordingly and start from scratch as a YeYe band overseas.

■ What I thought when I saw Gotoh's back

-Look back a little and tell us about your story at the time of your debut. What made you decide to live with music?

The direct trigger was Senko Riot, which came out when I was a teenager. I was in a band when I was in junior high school ... Well, even if I say "I'm in a band", I'm just eating sweets at the public hall (laughs).


The friend listened to the radio "School of Lock" and told me that he would get 1 million if he appeared (on Senko Riot). At that time, I really wanted a camera, so I thought I could buy a camera if I had 330,000, and if I applied with a light feeling, I asked the finalists to go. At that time, I was asked by Mr. Kubota, the base of BEAT CRUSADERS, who came as a guest, to make his debut.

-So, at first you were called out by the band.

That's right. However, the drummer didn't really want to make his debut, so at first I thought, "Is it alone?" When I was a high school student, my homeroom teacher, who was an American, told me "Do what you Love, Love what you do", and I was always stuck in myself. It means, "Do what you like from the bottom of your heart and make an effort to love it." But when I was called out, that word came in and I wanted to sing a song. I thought. In the first place, I didn't expect my song to be evaluated so much, and I thought that there were people who would look at it that way. The teacher's words came in to revenge, and I felt like trying.

-I think the band had more momentum at the time, but what did you think about going solo?

After deciding to start solo, I was thinking of doing all the live concerts that I was invited to, so I did quite a few live concerts that year. It's a male society, or when it comes to co-starring against the band, it's just a male band. At that time, I was young and sharp, so I thought that if I was holding a guitar by myself, I would be licked. There was a little "feeling of doing it" (laughs).

-There are many female solo artists on the playlist. Is there anything that attracts you to that mentality?

I did it unconsciously, but when I say it now, Karen O and Adrianne Lenker are certainly true. Feist is also a vocalist who participates in Broken Social Scene and pulls in a male band. You may unknowingly like that kind of music or artist.

-YeYe has been independent for the last 10 years, what do you think is your greatest asset?

Perhaps your greatest fortune was that you were able to take root in all the tough and fun things and make it your own.

-Have you ever wanted to belong to management somewhere?

There were times like that. Right now, I call the staff myself and do it together, but at first it's natural, but I do everything myself. When I went around 18 tours, I booked airplanes and bullet trains myself, and even after arriving at the live venue with merchandise and musical instruments, I prepared myself, sang, and signed merchandise. Sometimes I overdoed everything and booked a double flight ticket. However, when I think about it now, I can be very grateful to those around me if I experience it.

-I see.

I realized that most when I was doing the chorus at Gotch & The Good New Times, and Gotch-san's live performance has a great number of staff. There was a merchandise sales person in the merchandise sales, and it was the first time for me to sing and go home after arranging an airplane ticket and preparing an instrument. However, as a perfect form as a musician, I should concentrate on that most, and this is my ideal form. Gotch's efforts up to that point are wonderful, but I thought it was selling well. I'm not doing music for the purpose of selling, but I also thought that I would do my best to run up to this point in order to pursue my own music more.

("DIGLE MAGAZINE" editorial department text: Fumiaki Amano / photo: Tomohito Goto / edition: Mai Kuno)

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