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2021/09/10 18:00


IamSHUM is a truly "independent" artist who not only writes and composes his own songs, but also handles track making, mix mastering, and even MV video directors and screenwriters.

While developing a variety of music activities at "CLMX Records", where he is the label head, he updates videos every day at the fan club "CLMX FAMILY", and also has a sincere attitude to always face fans, such as four-frame manga and radio distribution. An artist whose closeness is very attractive.

In this interview, we asked him about his goals for the future, his commitment to his own sound, and his passion for fans who say he is like a family.

iamSHUM fan club “CLMX FAMILY” – Bitfan →

■ I was a child who liked to make things from "0"

-SHUM started his musical career in his hometown of Okinawa, and made his major debut from avex in 2014 as the EDM singer duo "FUTURE BOYZ". Since 2018, you have been working independently on your own label "CLMX Records". First of all, please tell us about your time when you came to Okinawa, which can be said to be the origin of your music activities.

I lived in Okinawa until my early twenties. I came to Tokyo at 23 or 24. It's surprisingly slow. Originally my dad had a music job, so thankfully I had a studio environment at home. So I started making music.

I've always liked "making things". A type that wants to make "1" from "0" instead of making from "1". I also liked drawing, so when I was in elementary school my dream was not to play music, but to be a manga artist. The movie "The Matrix" I watched in 1999 is already shocking ... I want to imitate the movement of Keanu Reeves! It doesn't mean that (laughs).

-Speaking of The Matrix, it's a scene where the famous genius hacker Neo, who plays Keanu, avoids bullets (laughs). I think everyone was imitating at that time.

Seeing that video, I was a child who wanted to become a movie director and one day want to make such a movie.

-You were interested in the creator, not the actor.

From that point on, I began to be interested in video production, so while forming a band in junior high school and high school and doing music activities, I was also involved in video-related work.

■ Turning point in LA

-From there, I moved to Tokyo and made a major debut as FUTURE BOYZ from avex.

Since I came to Tokyo, it was the most inspiring thing to meet various creators. Among them, I was taken to LA to make the 1st album of FUTURE BOYZ. When I was asked to write a song with a famous overseas producer, there was an event that shocked me.

Many Japanese songs have low sound pressure, good or bad. I was always wondering why overseas songs have a much thicker sound pressure and a wider sound than Japanese songs. When I actually witnessed the difference, I realized that his sound-making method was fundamentally different from the mix and mastering I had learned so far.

I thought I had studied a lot, but it felt like everything was upside down. From that point on, I'm training from scratch (laughs) I'll just ask and write down everything from the equipment to the details. I was in LA for about a month, and when I resumed production after returning to Japan, I felt that I could see parts that I couldn't see before. Now I can make the ideal sound that I couldn't make. I was confident, and this led me to create everything from mastering to mastering by myself.

-After all, do you have a strong desire to pay attention to the details of your work?

For the work, there is a goal of "I want to make it like this". I want to get closer to it, otherwise I don't want to put it out. I don't mean to stick to it myself, I just want to make the work 100%.

When I was at avex, there were various people in charge of the team ... Manager, mix, mastering, video. For example, even if I have made one song, someone will filter it every time I go through a meeting. Of course, that's not all bad, but by the time I got to the goal, I didn't have 20% of what I wanted to express at first.

Therefore, the solo activity that I started in parallel with the group activity is not a team, but I want you to do what I want to do, and I will do all the songwriting, arrangement, mixing, mastering, and video production by myself. took. Let's do what we can! When I started, I almost decided to do it (laughs), but even though I belonged to avex, I was able to do it very freely.

But at that time, I was thinking of creating my own label. I wanted to create an environment where I could express 100% of what I wanted to do independently.

■ From major to indie "I want to express myself 100%"

-You dared to choose an independent activity from "0". The enthusiasm to bring the work closer to the ideal is exactly the "creator".

When I was in Okinawa, I just wanted to make a major debut! There was a desire. However, if I want to go back to the majors again, I think it's okay as it is. I wonder if indie music is easier to move. Some people fit the majors, others fit the indies. My major debut at avex was a very valuable experience as I realized once again that indie music was better suited. It is because of that experience that I can work independently in this way.


Now that I've been able to do what I wanted to do since I was little, it's fun and fun when I'm working on it. Of course I don't have time to spare because I'm doing everything from songwriting to recording to MV making and advertising by myself, but I've never really suffered from that. Because I know the joy of the moment it is completed. The work is made, released, and the fans react to it. I came to think that I was happy with that alone.

■ Goals cannot be achieved unless you say them

-After making a major debut, go to an indie place. Did you have a vision for the future when you became independent?

There are various "successes" that people say, "success", whether it should be well-known or on TV. When I was wondering what the "success" I was looking for was ... I happened to be at the Nippon Budokan, Tokyo Dome, or when I passed in front of a big venue, I was just playing live. There were many fans in front of the venue. I'm afraid I was a visual kei band that I didn't know at all, but I thought this was the "win". There are so many fans who play the music they want to do, not according to general standards such as name recognition and sales of CDs.

I had always had the goal of performing live in a big venue, but it wasn't taken as a reality. I wish I could do it someday. That was when I began to think clearly about "how can I become an artist who can fill the martial arts hall and dome?" At that time, it was 2018, so I started to calculate backwards to stand on that stage in 2026, eight years after independence. As the label head of "CLMX Records", my current goal is to be an artist who can fill a venue of that size.

-Although there are many artists who have a dream of becoming a Budokan someday, I think it is rare for them to clearly set a deadline of several years and calculate the steps up to that point. I'm really looking forward to the big stage five years from now! At that time, I will definitely go see it.

Thank you (laughs) I think that the goal will not come true unless I say it like this. Of course, I sometimes get a response saying that I can't do it anyway, but if I keep accumulating it, nothing will start. Some people say that they want to support themselves by saying it. That is the accumulation.

■ I want you to enjoy iamSHUM forever

-Are there any other things you would like to do in the future or long-term dreams other than music activities?

That is ... there is. After all, it's a manga (laughs) I want to have a serialization before I turn 50. After playing live at a big venue five years later, I wanted to set up offices and studios in Tokyo and Okinawa 10 years later to create an environment where I could come and go. Then I want to draw the manga that I dreamed of when I was in elementary school (laughs)

Draw a manga while doing music activities, animate the manga, and make your own theme song. Like Tatsuro Yamashita and Keisuke Kuwata, I plan to continue playing music as I get older.

-The "Max-kun" series serialized in "CLMX FAMILY" was the foundation for that ...! ?? Max has evolved into an anime series, which is also handled by SHUM.

Max was originally designed because he wanted a label character. I wanted this child to make a story and become a character loved by fans, so I asked my sister to draw it as a four-frame manga.

At the time when I wanted Max to have more character expansion, video distribution streaming services like Netflix and Hulu grew rapidly. Then ... I started thinking about putting my work on Netflix (laughs).

So, in fact, I started Max-kun's anime because I wanted to put my own anime on Netflix. Again, I'm thinking of a five-year plan. I want to make up to 200 episodes within 5 years and put them in a streaming service. Of course, it's not limited to Netflix, but if a new service is born, that's fine. I would like to make such a work in the last 5 years.

-There is something in common with the goal of "filling a large venue in eight years". It wasn't an ad hoc idea, but I felt that it was very solid, or that I was strategically looking at my goals.

I use my own song as the theme song, so it would be great if you could listen to the song while enjoying the anime. I use the new song released that month as the ending song.

Max is making it because he wants to put it on the kids channel. The "Doraemon" and "Crayon Shin-chan" that I saw when I was little are always anxious even when I grow up ... For example, I want to have good goods. I've been doing music for 15 years, and I've had fans who have been supporting me since then. In that way, I want to cherish the fans who have loved me for a long time, and I want to increase more. I hope that the child from Max-kun's anime will know iamSHUM and become a long-lived fan from there.

■ Fans are "family"

iamSHUM fan club “CLMX FAMILY”

-I thought it was an episode that seems to be SHUM-san, who values the connection with the fans very much. You post videos on "CLMX FAMILY" almost every day. What kind of fan is SHUM-san?

As the name suggests, "family" may be the closest. I have declared that I will play music until I die, so I'm telling my fans to support me until I die (laughs) I want to be a part of everyone's life. No matter where the fans work or go to school, we aim to get them to think about their favorite artist once a day.

For that purpose, it would be better if there was something that the artist would send out every day. Today SHUM said in the video, new goods came out, live video was uploaded. People who are developing more and more are wondering what will happen next, so they will watch it every day. I want to take good care of that, so I keep posting firmly every day.

Starting with "CLMX FAMILY", we can see each and every one of our fans more clearly. It is also my motivation to continue my musical activities that I can continue to raise my feelings to make this person more energetic, happy, and to make songs that will be heard for 20 or 30 years. I want to make a song that has the power to move people, even if it is not a trendy song. I came to think so.

-Why did you decide to open a fan club in the first place?

Since I belonged to avex, I wanted to create a fan club ... that is, my own "village". In the 90's, how many CDs were sold, hit songs were made, and they appeared on TV. There was something like that kind of selling standard, but that's not the case anymore. I've always thought that having a "village" of my own fans would be a strength, but it wasn't going well.

I started my own label independently and compared various services to finally create a "village", but Bitfan was the easiest to understand the operation and screen, so I used it. However, I started posting every day from last winter. It's been since the beginning of the corona disaster.

I didn't know what the world would be like in the future, so I started thinking that I wanted to do something fun every day so that all the fans wouldn't be depressed. Max-kun's four-frame manga was serialized from that time. I got that environment because there was Bitfan. I am grateful.

― “CLMX FAMILY” I am very much looking forward to the next development.

After the corona wreck, I would like to hold fan meetings through Bitfan. It's still a tough time for an event that we can meet face-to-face, so I'd really like to make it happen when everyone can come with peace of mind. We want to make the fan club a fun place, so we will continue to value daily posts.

iamSHUM fan club “CLMX FAMILY” – Bitfan →


Born February 8, 1989

Vocalist, songwriter, composer, sound producer, video director, animator

Japan's leading music producer who handles everything from songwriting, track production to mastering.

Providing music to many artists such as Kumi Koda, Kis-My-Ft2, SEAMO, RADIO FISH, and lol.

The album "Okinawan Tropical House 1 & 2", which boldly arranged the best songs of local Okinawa into a tropical house, became a hot topic and ranked 3rd in the iTunes dance chart.

In charge of the theme song for "Ultraman Orb THE ORIGIN SAGA" in the 2017 Ultraman series.

During the summer of 2017, she performed for 41 days at the large-scale festival "Hachamecha Summer Night Party" held in the park of Universal Studios Japan.

From April 2018, he became the label head and established a new label "CLMX Records Climax Records". Appeared in "ULTRA KOREA 17" and "ULTRA JAPAN 18".

Appeared in "Universal Studios Japan Countdown Party" for 4 consecutive years.

The single song to be released won the first place on the iTunes Chart for 5 consecutive works, and the long-awaited full album "I AM THE BEST" was delivered in April 2019. Recorded No. 1 on the iTunes dance chart for a week!

From 2021, we started making animations in-house, and we are releasing the animations we made on YouTube!

And on June 23, 2021, the long-awaited 2nd album "Next Level (s)" will be delivered! The CD version will be on sale on July 21st!

Official Site: http://iamshum.com/

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/iamSHUM

Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamshum_clmx/

iamSHUM ~ Music Channel ~: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCier45f5l9zyGJLH22JlBIQ

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/jp/album/1358957281?app=itunes

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/iam-shum

iamSHUM fan club “CLMX FAMILY”: https://iamshum.bitfan.id/

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Delivery date: June 23, 2021 (Wednesday)

¥ 2400 (tax included)

20 songs in total

CD sale date: Wednesday, July 21, 2021

¥ 5500 (tax included)

18 songs in total

With photobook booklet

iamSHUM The long-awaited 2nd album "Next Level (s)"

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