Nice to meet you! Be independent! Editorial department

Be independent!

2021/06/04 18:00


|| Be independent! This is the editorial department.

Nice to meet you. Be independent! Editorial department.

This time, the all-in-one fan media "Bitfan" has launched a media called "Be independent! ~ Culture media that sheds light on individuality" (hereinafter referred to as "Be independent!"). This time, I would like to talk about what kind of media Be independent! Is, and the significance of Be independent!'S idea of "shining light on individuality."

|| The story of the birth of Be independent!

■ Changes in the environment surrounding creators / artists

Be independent! Was established as a medium to disseminate information about creative activities such as creators and artists.

The environment surrounding "expressors" such as creators and artists has changed significantly in recent decades. For example, in the world of music artists, the success of the royal road has been to belong to a large office or production, hold a large-scale live event, expose it to the mass media, sell a CD, and so on. It was being considered.

However, since 1998, the number of artists making their debut has been flat, but the market for music software such as CDs has been shrinking. In addition, since 2000, due to the influence of the indie boom, the number of artists and creators working in small companies and individuals has increased.

Now, even if you don't belong to a big office or production, you can directly deliver your work to individuals through various media such as Spotify, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and monetize it. I did. An increasing number of creators / artists are gaining popularity in Japan and around the world by making the most of their individuality and not relying solely on the sale of CDs that use the power of the masses.

On the other hand, there are many creators / artists who have a brilliant personality but are still small in scale and are not widely known in the world. In such an era, "I still can't make a living from creative activities alone." "But I want to continue to live as an artist by making the most of my favorite things and individuality." I want to support you.

Be independent! Is the media that was launched with that in mind.

■ Aiming for a world where creators / artists can live comfortably

Be independent! Aims to realize a society where creators / artists can easily live by making the most of their favorite things and individuality, with the concept of "releasing individuality and supporting people who continue to express themselves". ..

In the media, we will especially highlight creators and artists who are independent and independent creative activities that do not belong to a large organization. We will shed light on the individuality of these people, create opportunities to become fans, and support their activities.

Even if you don't belong to a big organization, even if it's a niche genre or edgy expression activity, if rumors spread all over Japan and all over the world and fans with high enthusiasm gather, your favorite things and individuality You should be able to live by just expressing yourself by making the most of.

Believing that, Be independent! Will continue to disseminate information to the world at large.

|| The story of the media management body "Bitfan"

From here, we will introduce what kind of service "Bitfan", which is the operating body of Be independent !, is in the first place, and the future that Bitfan envisions.

■ Create new connections with fans and support monetization

"Bitfan" is a new era of fan communication and fan marketing service that allows anyone to easily create their own fan media for free and has the functions necessary for both creators and artists and fans.

Creators and artists can use all features such as official fan site, monthly membership community, EC store, chipping, ticket sales, live distribution, radio distribution, etc. for free by acquiring one free account with Bitfan. can do.

Through Bitfan, fans can easily and directly support the creators / artists who support them by joining the monthly fan community, chipping for posted content and live distribution, and purchasing goods.

Bitfan supports creative people by providing all of these features all-in-one, creating new connections with fans and helping creators and artists monetize their creative activities.

■ In a world where you can earn money through creative activities

Bitfan is a service that SKIYAKI, the operator of Bitfan, has envisioned since its establishment in 2012. Bitfan was released in February 2018, as SKIYAKI's desire to "connect fans and creators / artists to provide higher value-added fan services" has taken shape over time.

In an era where not only large organizational units but also individuals can distribute music and information, it was born as a service that can generate profits by transmitting content to fans even on an individual basis.

Fans who want to know more about creators / artists and feel closer to them can register with their favorite creators / artists' fan media through Bitfan to get special offers, buy goods, buy tickets, and live concerts. I watch it.

By introducing the Bitfan system to fan clubs, which are the points of contact with fans, goods sales, ticket sales, live distribution, etc., creators / artists can earn profits from places other than music and creative sales. It is a mechanism.

By providing such a mechanism, Bitfan will win-win between creators / artists who "want to earn stable profits to continue their activities for a long time" and fans who "want creators / artists to work for a long time". We aim to build relationships.

■ What are the two futures Bitfan wants to realize?

Bitfan creates new connections with fans and provides creators and artists with a means of monetization. There are two main futures that we want to realize.

The first thing I want to achieve is support for creators / artists. In other words, it is the monetization of creators / artists that utilize the functions of Bitfan.

In fact, there are only a handful of creators / artists in the world who earn enough to eat, and the majority of creators / artists do not make a living from their creative activities alone.

In order to solve the monetization aspect, Bitfan has introduced translation functions and overseas payment methods so that information can be transmitted not only to the Japanese market but also to the world, monthly membership community, EC store, ticket sales, live distribution / radio. We provide a wide range of monetization methods such as chipping in distribution.

In particular, due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, it is difficult to hold live concerts to attract customers, and the chances of having direct contact with fans are decreasing. The role of earning profits from

The second thing we want to achieve is a future where everyone can "live by what they like."

Nowadays, smartphones are always connected to the Internet, and in the last 20 years or so, computerization has progressed at a tremendous pace. While life has become more convenient on the Internet, the amount of information centered on SNS has increased too much, which has had the negative effect of flooding everyday information with unnecessary and unpleasant information.

Bitfan aims to be a cozy place to gather your favorite information in today's information-filled world.

We believe that in a world full of good and bad information, it will be more important for humans to "live by what we like." By using Bitfan, creators / artists can monetize whatever they like. And fans can continue to touch their favorite information content from their favorite creators / artists through Bitfan.

Bitfan aims to create a world where such fans and creators / artists can live more happily.

|| Aiming for "a world where everyone can shine in their own way"

"Be independent! -Culture media that sheds light on individuality" operated by Bitfan will take up the lifestyles and ideas of notable creators / artists and provide recommended information on creative activities.

Why don't you check the information of Be independent! And aim for "a world where everyone can shine in their own way" together.

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